Art is an amazing experience. What we see and hear can create powerful shifts in our perceptions, emotions and thinking. Art is about more than making images, it's about opening pathways to the subtle aspects of our hearts and minds through the process of creativity and creativity is what fascinates me the most, creativity in many forms. The exploration of who we are through creativity opens the doors of perception in ways that are hinted at from Jim Morrison, back through Aldous Huxley and William Blake . . .  and probably much farther back than that. I imagine that there were some adventurous souls from Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" who thought that the flickering shadows on the wall were an opening to a deeper truth than the sunlit fields outside. Perhaps.

I invite you to take a walk down my path and I offer it, Serling style, as an alternative pathway to a truth you hadn't experienced before. Sometimes the shortest distance between two points is a crooked path through the twilight zone.

I invite you to go for a walk to witness the seen and unseen.--PW