Animated Explorations

In this gallery are a number of links to some animations I've done. I’ve taught digital animation in various forms for at least a couple of decades, with work shown in a number of venues. Some of these were for clients, while others were for my own personal explorations of the wonders of animation and personal expression. 


Pixelated Surrealism

This animation was presented as part of a talk on Surrealism and digital technology I did at the Dali17 Museum in Monterey on July 15, 2017. In the animation, you'll see my interpretation of how to convert the concepts of Surrealism into movement and poetic suggestion in a direct extension of the Surrealist exploration of subjective truth.



This video was done as a demo for a class I taught at the time. I got tired of the very formulaic kinetic typography videos I was getting for submissions and decided to use a thematic approach to Lewis Carroll's wonderful exercise in word twisting. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 3.46.53 PM.png


This is an early version of a tribute to the surf slide shows I went to in the 70's, where the local surf photographer would load up his carousel projector, play some appropriate, instrumental rock and roll and show images of the local surfers and surf breaks on the wall of someone's living room. Many of the audience would get suitably psychedelicized and would gasp and hoot in amazement as pictures of them would come to life in the dark and fluid atmosphere of a somewhat otherworldly experience. This was part of a surf video festival on the east coast in 2009. 


This is a demonstration animation for a 3D project students did for the School Of Business at Cal-State, Monterey Bay. I prepared this animation to show the students how the finished animation should look. The eventual video was completed too late to meet the fundraising deadline for the School of Business and, though it was well received, it got only limited exposure.