Images, Meaning and Visual Poetics

If you explore these pages, you’re going to engage a creative effort unlike anything you’ve experienced before. My intention is unique and so are my skills. It’s not for everyone but it’s good and I believe in it. For me, as someone who has so many doubts and anxieties, this is a rather bold statement.

I have visions in my head and poems in my heart. What I create is a unique hybrid of technique and meaning. What I show on canvas is something only I can offer. These images are a form of visual poetry, inspired most notably by Symbolist writers and artists like Odilon Redon and James Ensor. There are hints of the Surrealist artists but I prefer the suggestive environments of artists like De Chirico and Paul Delvaux to the more familiar incongruities of Dali and Magritte.

I draw, paint, and assemble these images as hybrids of digital and traditional techniques. Whether you think this is grand or grandiose, one thing is for sure, nobody has things to offer quite like what you encounter here.

Some of the images have poems that accompany them. Eventually, each image will have an accompanying poem. I’ve written, recorded and produced what you hear. My poetic influences range from William Blake to W.S. Merwin, including the influence of Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Adrienne Rich and James Dickey among others.

I hope that the end result invites into an experience of meaning that is visually engaging and poetically powerful. I hope what I have to offer engages the eye, mind and heart in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

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