Monterey Bay Photography

The gift of a small, Konilette 35mm camera for my twelfth birthday was the start of  my photographic journey, which has taken me up and down the coast and given me images to share in print, on screen and in the media. In the end, the unique interpretive capability of photography has continued to fascinate me and I regularly travel the local roads, trails and beaches looking for the magic of this beautiful area. Much is made of the visual beauty of Big Sur, Carmel, Point Lobos and the other incredibly scenic areas along the central coast but the wonders found in the dunes and along the sands of the local landscape continue to amaze me. 

Del Monte Beach and Sand City

The area between the Monterey Wharf and Marina offer a rare chance to have the light at angles you can't find anywhere else in the bay. Also, the expanse of the bay as it stretches from Monterey to Santa Cruz is best appreciated from these dunes and shores. 

Marina Dunes and Coast

I've lived and worked in and around Marina for decades and in my travels I've discovered a powerful beauty in this magical place where the sun, sky, sea and shore all meet. 

Fort Ord woodlands

Since the closing of Fort Ord and the opening of the incredible landscape to bike and foot travel, I've explored its trails and enjoyed the birds, trees, bushes, animals and everything else more times than I could every gratefully count.

Moss Landing

Moss Landing is what attracted me to the Monterey Bay, way back in the day when surfing four hours a day was a major emphasis in my life. The drive to surf so much has faded but the fascination with the Landing hasn't. 


Wildflowers from along the central coast. These were all taken with an iPhone camera. Some are taken along the beaches of the Monterey Bay and others were taken along the trails of Fort Ord National Monument. 

Big sur and point lobos

The coastline south of Carmel has been a frequent subject for photographers of all levels and, seemingly, from all manner of places. It's difficult to get a unique insight into this powerful landscape but that challenge makes for interesting results.