Allison At Las Palmas


Before There Were Hotels Everywhere...

I and some friends went to the east side of the Baja California peninsula, between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. Allison and her boyfriend Jimmy were part of the group, along with myself, John, Scott and a few others. One afternoon, there was too much swell to surf the tip and we drove up the east side, finding large, glassy waves that broke quite a ways from the beach, under a sweltering sun. We didn't last long. It was a long paddle under a blistering sun and, after seeing some large, dark shadows swimming in the depths beneath us, we headed for shady shelter. 

We adjourned to the shade of a palapa and, after Jimmy gave the waves a try, Allison gathered her supplies, which I think consisted of sun screen and sunglasses, and came back to find some shade and something cool to drink.