My Artwork

The images and links open to various explorations of my creative efforts. My explorations range from photography and design, through studio art practices, like drawing and painting and now evolving into digital art. The most recent series of works is on the left.

Recent Prints: somewhere between the Seen and unseen

These images, inspired by various influences, including the American Southwest, Buddhism, Max Ernst and Rene Magritte, combine a little philosophy, archetypal references and suggestions of impossible narrative.

Poetic departure: Images and poetry experiment

This group of images are based on the core images in the Seen and Unseen series. While working on them, snippets of poetry kept on coming up so I decided to see what would happen if I combined the two. This is experimental and still a work in progress.

other explorations

From more traditional approaches to art making , such as drawing and painting, to photography, experimental animation and other creative forays, I've been curious about many ways of creative visualization in both my professional life and for personal work.