Levels (oil painting, 40" x 18") Hover on image for an enlarged version and a narrative about the work. LINK to home page.

For a different project, I experimented with the look and feel of segmenting a head. That version was a woman's head and, for this version, I used a male. That made it a bit more personal and I also try to be sensitive about the dismemberment of women seen in a lot of artwork. Front loading the image with politically charged depictions diverts attention from my intention. This image is much more overtly about the framework of mental constructs we use to hold ourselves together. The suspended self and the milled lumber allude to the segmented self and it's disjointed ego parts, held up and supported by our haphazard assembly of boards, words, thoughts, reactions, affectations and possessions. I originally left this image out of the group because the meaning is so obvious but I've had a few viewers express their preference for this version of an idea that's found in many of my images.