Tahoe/Reno Design Work

During the nineties, I lived and worked in the Reno/Tahoe area. For a while, I worked doing layout and graphics for a number of magazines, from skiing to vacation to real estate. I also worked at a design agency in Reno but, most importantly, I worked at Sierra Nevada College and did some freelance on the side. That's where I did work that was the most fun. 


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Chamber of Commerce Promos

These are two samples from a contest I entered to promote tourism in the Truckee/Tahoe area. Though my designs didn't get selected, I like them a lot and decided to include them in here because of the nice throwback feel and the slightly minimalist approach. I tend to add a lot into a design and these two designs, I'm going the other way by trying to get the most with the least, or at least a lot less than usual. 

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SNC Visiting Artists Workshops

I did a lot of layout and design work for Sierra Nevada College, including catalogs, publications and the like. My favorite work for them as always the promotional work for special events. Poster design and related work has always been my favorite aspect of visual design and for these types of projects I was frequently given free rein. For a while, I had a penchant for doing water colors and then putting text over them. This is one of those efforts, for the Summer Visiting Artists Workshops, in 1997. 


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This is a promotional poster done for a regional artist who wanted a striking design to use in signage and promotions for her artwork. This image won an award as best design at an art fair and competition in the Tahoe area, Splendor of the Sierras. 


Backstreet Gallery Ad

This ad was done when I was enjoying the effect of watercolor. Throughout the years, it's remained one of my favorites. This is sort of a rebuild, as the original file was lost with the fatal crash of two large hard drives and the original artwork was lost in the flood of '97. Grrrrr. But such is the fate with things. 


Sierra Nevada College Promo

This piece was done to promote the college art department where I worked while in the Tahoe region. During that time, I had done a number of surrealist images that had a strong hint of the desert west. I included a portion of one of those images in this design. This design and related images can be seen in the digital artwork section of my site.