Super Bowl Sunday


instead of the super bowl...

On Super Bowl Sunday a few years back, I got some really good waves in the morning. Getting out of the water, nearly exhausted, I headed off to my girlfriend's house. We had some lunch and I talked her into spending the afternoon at the beach. We had my camera with us and it's telephoto lens. Late in the day, with the sun edging towards the horizon, she got a nice picture of me cruising through a spinning, bowling section of a sandbar point up the beach. 

I did this interpretation to capture the feel of that afternoon, the beautiful vibe of a deserted beach late in the day, the warmth of the sun, the heightened colors, almost psychedelic in their vibrance, blending together into all the qualities that make a late afternoon, solo surf session so special. 

We got back to her place a little after sunset, to find out some all-star end had dropped a pass in the end zone, to lose the Super Bowl. I felt bad for him but I was thankful that I'd spent my afternoon in the presence of the waves, the sun, a friend, all of us in the embrace of the winter warmth of our mother ocean.