I've got a majority of the paintings completed and now it's time to do the deal, starting with the cold calls necessary to make all this go. I freely admit to being scared. I've done nice work and presented it in various ways in the past and... nothing really gained traction. This time around, I'm relying on my unique vision, my digital skills at visualization and my love of paint to create work that is thematically and spiritually challenging, while being technically skillful enough to draw admiration for technique. Technically, if I could, I'd like to work like the best of the Baroque and Rococo painters, with a style that's flashy, skillful and bombastic; combining that with the mystery of the surreal, not just the surreal, but the surreal world of someone like Poe. Now, that would be an awesome accomplishment. Boucher meets de Chirico, meets Poe. I wish!

I guess it's time to venture back to Facebook, which I've been avoiding since God knows when. It's time to network and get the word out.

Here's a copy of the promo card I intend to send out. Let me know what you think.