New Image

A longtime friend and local arts administrator dropped by yesterday and contributed some nice insights to my recent work. It's great to talk about art. I love it.

Speaking of work, I've got a new image on this website, Engendered Memory. Because it's new, it's at the bottom of the list. The list is getting long so I might need to add a new page and put work there. This image now has me up to 15 new images. Stephan Wagner, the consultant I've worked with through Arc Gallery recommends I have 20 images. Hopefully 15 is close enough. I've got al the ideas in my noggin. It's just a matter of getting them onto canvas.

If you want to comment, be sure to do that, on the new image or any of the others or, the web site if you're thinking something should be changed. Not sure anybody's been here in a while but I haven't been updating my posts since the site was relatively new. Now that I'm updating regularly, the early visitors may have wandered away. 

Someone else mentioned Linked In and that I should keep it updated. Oy! One more aspect of social media that I need to attend to. Obviously, it's all part of the process.

Next week, SFMOMA has a show opening that I'm really ready to see, Rene Magritte, The Fifth Season, opening May 19. His work has been an ongoing inspiration and it always intrigues the eye and charms the mind.