Why Read My Drivel? Dribble? Drizzle?

With the emergence of the online world, there is so much content available that the easiest thing to do is to skim and move on. Delving deep into what’s offered online is rare and so, I ask myself, why would anyone want to stay long enough to read what I have to offer?

To establish and maintain interest means I have to have something to offer that can’t be found somewhere else and to do it well. Even if what I have to offer is similar or akin to something else, then it has to be better.

That’s what I intend to do, offer something that is unique and better and all you have to do is subscribe by paying me $20.00 per month to ramble on about “Art.” No? I’d like to make money doing this but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because Art (with a capital) is an essential part of our human experience. Art is the manifestation of our creative spirit, how we bring into being the creative nature of our soul. It’s a beautiful and joyous part of who we are, even when it depicts or conveys troubling, sometimes terrifying aspects of our shared experience.

People frequently assume that the work I do is a form of self-therapy because I have such and uneven and sometimes traumatic background. I appreciate the sympathy but that’s not really the case. On some occasions, I use pieces of my life experience as the basis for the work I do. More often, I use what I know and feel and then let my imagination unwind the notion with empathy, trying to feel for the authenticity of a scenario.

This isn’t really about me. It’s about the importance of the artistic impulse, it’s essential nature in our lives and I want to show all of that, it’s personal rewards and its interpersonal rewards, how it reveals our commonality as human beings hoping for understanding in our experience.

So, that’s why you should read this. It will make your life better.