Visual Design

The works on these pages are selected from my history as a designer. Though this represents a fraction of what I've done, these are designs that I liked doing and I find visually interesting. Spanning my design history from freelance/commercial work in the Tahoe/Reno area to my most recent efforts in and around the Monterey area, these designs show my vision and creative bent. 


Tahoe and Reno Area

The selections on this page are from the freelance and promotional work I did for clients in the Sierras as well as designs done to promote classes and events at Sierra Nevada College, where I worked teaching design, art and photography throughout the nineties. 


Monterey Area

The selections on this page are from various efforts in and around Monterey. Some are for the Presidio Museum, while others are for the New Media Conference in Monterey, The Monterey Maritime Museum, MPYRE (the Monterey Burning Man group) and others.


CSU Monterey Bay

These samples were done for promotion and demonstrations for various courses that I've taught or been associated with during my tenure as a digital art and design instructor at CSUMB.