New work making good progress.

When I first put up this site, I wasn't quite sure what path I would follow. Though I've never been a star at any particular aspect of art, I've been good enough to gain some attention and compliments. I've been working with technology for so long that I've acquired some skill and enjoy to process and results, ranging from photography to digital animation and most everything in between. I like all of it, as long as I get to offer my creativity as a pathway into my experience. For this reason, the joy of creativity, I put everything into the site and opened it for the world to see, if they so desire. 

As my time at the university began to fade a bit, I've found my way to what creates the greatest level of satisfaction for me, working with paint. There are a lot of creative process I'm blessed to have skill in but, only one of them seems to connect to my deepest levels and that's painting. 

For that reason, I've been working hard on a new batch of paintings, which you can see featured on my site. I've taken all the other galleries and nested them within our links so, you'll have to do some snooping to get to older and other stuff. 

The new work stems from the collection of digital images I began working on in the late nineties. Interestingly enough, the digital images all had their original in traditional studio media. When I first embarked on the pathway to digital art and design, I based a great deal of the initial work on drawings and photo collages I'd generated previously. So, it went from traditional to digital and then back to digital.