Good advice

I've been working hard on the new series of paintings. As interesting background noise, I've been playing art videos on my iPad while I paint. Some are instructional, some are theoretical and some are art historical talking heads type stuff. A few things have come to mind that are good reminders, like the different white pigments and stuff like that. One comment from Stefan Baumann is to keep my blog updated, as that way, when Google does a search, there's new content to connect with. That way, my newest posting gets my site higher up the most recent list in the search engine. I knew that but had forgotten it. 

I did a number of touch ups and I have to do new photos of those images to get the site up-to-date. I've got the latest painting in the queue and the presentation to gallery directors in SF is coming up soon. When I signed up, it was late at night and the first thing that caught my attention when picking a time slot was that one reviewer is from SF MOMA. That got me pretty excited. On second look, the other two reviewers are from galleries that I'm thinking won't find my themes a good fit for what they show. We'll see. 

I did submit 3 images to the Xanadu Gallery printed magazine/catalog and a friend referred me to to list myself at their site. I like pursuing ideas like that but my highest priority is to first, get the paintings done and second, get a show as soon as possible. Speaking of such things, I did submit a nice copy of "Nostalgia" to the PG Art Center for their annual patrons fundraiser. I'm hoping that generates a sale for them and helps curry interest in a show for me. (

Today I go meet with a local sculptor who's been doing well for herself as an artist. I hope to glean some tips from her on who to contact and how to speed up the process of getting a show for myself. But, as has been the case throughout the previous months, first priority is getting enough paintings done and I'm still way behind on that. I like what I'm doing so much that I want to take my time but that complicates hitting my time markers. 

If you read this and you're so inclined, go to the paintings page and find the three images you think would most impress a gallery and send me an email with your preferences. 

Lastly, I'm still looking for a nice place to live and have a painting studio. As you can imagine, painting in my dining room isn't the best use of space.