May 2nd, I'm doing the deal....

I met with a marvelous sculptress, Marilyn Kuksht, yesterday and talked about art, marketing, style, philosophy and all sorts of stuff about the mundane, technical aspects of being a presence in the art world. It was a marvelous talk and she's a wonderfully talented artist, see this LINK. In her work, I see a lot of references to artists from the surrealist approach that I really admire, Ernst, Klee, Art, Miro and a couple of others, maybe.

Tonight, I've got a new idea that's percolating in my noggin and I've started the first stages of visualization. Stay tuned if you want to know more. 

I had a couple of friends, Rick and Bob come by after a bike ride and check out my stuff. I've got a gallery review coming up soon and their input adds to the very interesting summary of preferences that I've gotten from numerous friends. In short, which of the currently posted images does someone think a gallery might like. As with many artists, I work on something and sort of get lost in it. I know when I'm happy how an image turns out but I've learned there's a lot more to it than that. So, getting external feedback is always good. Sometimes what I like of what I've done isn't the same as with a portion of my viewers and supported. I've been surprised and intrigued by the results of my casual survey of what a gallery director might like. 

I purposely stated the inquiry with the notion to set aside personal preference and tell me which images YOU think a gallery director might like. That instruction pushed it into a more objective framework and, hopefully, gave me a less self-identified preference. 

As of now, Cloud Mask and Venus Ex Machina are the two favorites. Most of the rest fall within one or two votes of the best two. Fragile Dancer and Leela and the Shrine are the next two vote-getters. The others get the rest, except for The Blessing, which doesn't get a lot of votes.